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Business Executive Program in HR Management

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Business Executive Program in HR Management

The Business Executive Program in HR Management at IEAD is aimed at professionals seeking to optimize talent management and labor relations within their organizations. This program offers comprehensive training in strategic HR management, talent development, and compensation, preparing participants to lead teams and foster a positive and productive work environment.


  • Develop a strategic vision of human resources management aligned with organizational objectives.
  • Implement effective talent acquisition and development practices.
  • Manage labor relations and foster employee engagement.
  • Design and administer competitive compensation and benefits systems.

Skill AcquisitionSkills Obtained:

Hard Skills:

  • Strategic human resources planning.
  • Talent development and management in a global environment.
  • Conflict resolution techniques and labor relations management.
  • Design of compensation and benefits systems.

Soft Skills:

  • Leadership and team management skills.
  • Effective communication and employee motivation.
  • Ability to manage change and organizational culture.
  • Competence in time management and multitasking in HR environments.

The Business Executive Program in HR Management consists of the following syllabus:

1.Strategic Human Resources Management Description: This course provides a strategic view of human resources management, aligning HR policies and practices with organizational objectives to maximize business performance.

Topic 1: Fundamentals of Strategic HR Management

Topic 2: Human Resources Planning

Topic 3: Organizational Development

Topic 4: Change Management

Topic 5: Organizational Culture and Climate

Topic 6: Performance Measurement

Topic 7: Talent Retention Strategies

2.Talent Management Description: Develop skills to attract, develop, and retain talent in your organization. This course covers everything from talent acquisition to performance management and professional development.

Topic 1: Talent Acquisition

Topic 2: Talent Development

Topic 3: Performance Management

Topic 4: Professional Development Programs

Topic 5: Talent Evaluation

Topic 6: Talent Retention Strategies

Topic 7: Talent Management in a Global Environment

3.Employee Relations and Engagement Description: Learn to manage labor relations and foster employee engagement. This course covers topics such as internal communication, conflict resolution, and building a positive work environment.

Topic 1: Introduction to Labor Relations

Topic 2: Internal Communication

Topic 3: Conflict Resolution

Topic 4: Promoting Employee Engagement

Topic 5: Occupational Health and Well-being

Topic 6: Diversity and Inclusion Management

Topic 7: Evaluation of Work Climate

4.Compensation and Benefits Description: Explore the strategies and practices for designing and managing compensation and benefits systems that attract and retain top talent. Learn to align compensation with company objectives.

Topic 1: Fundamentals of Compensation and Benefits

Topic 2: Designing Compensation Systems

Topic 3: Benefits Strategies

Topic 4: Performance Evaluation and Compensation

Topic 5: Incentive Policies

Topic 6: Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Topic 7: Communication of Compensation and Benefits

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